nexus 7 slider

Nexus 7 Portable Google Tablet with NVidia Quad core CPU and Jelly Bean OS

Google Nexus 7 featuring Android OS v4.1 Jellybean with Quad-core 1.2 GHz Cortex-A9 CPU and ULP GeForce, 1GB RAM and 800 x 1280 pixels 216 ppi pixel density

samsung galaxy s5 slider

Samsung Galaxy S5, The Newest Edition Among The LeagueS

Samsung Galaxy S5 Super AMOLED capacitive touch screen 16M colors with 16M primary camera Android 4.2.2 Kitkat.

MSI r9 290x lightning video card

MSI r9 290x lightning video card Good Choice for Gaming Enthusiast

MSI r9 290x lightning has a size of 4GB, 2816 stream processor and display Port of DL-DVI-D x2 and HDMI.

Friday, December 5, 2014

What's the Relevance of Social Bookmarking in SEO?

Social bookmarking is thoroughly popular as an amazing Search Engine Optimization tool, as it straight feeds off the networking capability of the Net. One of the most popular sites possess massive quantities of enthusiastic supporters that are generally producing a brand-new propensity of acquiring their information on any type of given subject or particular niche online rather than through the typical techniques olden. Social bookmarking sites might be attached as well as an RSS feed set up, making an accumulation of details which can be supplied in a virtually simple method.

If you're experienced concerning your online promotion, you could use social bookmarking to outstanding effect. Place substantial material around with applicable as well as instructional product, as well as individuals within the social bookmarking market will certainly rate it extremely. Revealing of material is definitely motivated, and as an individual's network is educated of the existence of your content, the probability to go viral shows up.

Optimize Your Internet site Potential with Social Bookmarking

Social bookmarking is one of the many resources used in Search Engine Optimization. The baseline is, social save making allows you to establish your internet site extremely provided to various other people by bookmarking websites from your internet site, along with your material, upon social book mark posting websites such as Delicious, Digg and others. Once these types of web pages occur to be bookmarked, they prepare to wind up being shared swiftly with your viewers and also various other consumers in the community.

The saves individually raise to be a supply of site visitors, independent of instant or net search engine visitors, and also represent more network for the promotion of content material. The categorization and description is really probably made use of by a great deal of online search engine like google to identify the real content product with the on the internet website.

Thursday, October 2, 2014

Nokia Xpress Browser (NXB) 15 Pesos Smart Unlimited internet for 1 day

NXB- nokia express browser. It works with any phone/ any browser

NXB15 - unlimited mobile internet-(TROLLING) good for one day/ 15


NXB160 - Unlimited Mobile Internet via the Nokia Xpress Browser (TROLLING) 15 days P160 NXB160 / NXB 160

NXB299 - Unlimited Mobile Internet via the Nokia Xpress Browser (TROLLING) 30 days P299 NXB299 / NXB 299
The higher the demand for a cheaper but fast and convenient access of the internet is most probably what most of the user is needed from the existing companies providing internet services nowadays. And mobile internet is the trend now in the market.
Smart has come up with a promo, that is opted to meet the demand of the consumer for the best services offered for their money.

Smart uses NXB , the nokia express browser for making this possible to the market which is believe to  give the best result for fast and unlimited internet access to satisfy the needs of  the end user.
With this promo, it allows the user the best and fast internet and unlimited surfing and browsing is made easy and convenient for every to enjoy. You can be benefitted for up to 10 mbps is now being enjoy which spare you the hassle of much more time with downloading.
It comes in several variants, The NXB15, NXB80, NXB160 and NXB299 respectively. It is compatible with any phone ,Several units of nokia phones, but the newest unit is believe to have this feature all ready to use and need not to be downloaded anymore.
 I am sure that everyone of us don’t wanna miss this fantastic promo smart has to offer which  entails us for  an unlimited surfing and browsing the net which I believe is the most very important thing that everyone needs.

The NXB15 allows you to enjoy internet for only just 15 pesos and it is good for one day. But if you want to enjoy it much longer you can have the NXB80 good for 7 day and NXB160 for 15 days for 80 pesos and 160 pesos respectively . But if you wanted to last for a month, you can have the NXB299. It is only for 299 pesos and you can enjoy and avail the unlimited access to internet for you to do the stuff and things you love doing the most. Ineternet surfing and downloading  is of great satisfaction for you with this fast  and convenient promo.
 I as a user believe that I am greatly benefitted from this promo. A n unlimited access to the net is very much needed and gives much more benefits for your money.  And every one is in need of a fast internet when downloading and simply just by browsing alone.


NXB15 Good for 1 Day NXB15/NXB15 P 15
NXB80 Good for 7 Day NXB80/NXB80 P80
NXB160 Good for 15 Days         NXB160/NXB160         P160
NXB299 Good for 1 month         NXB299/NXB299         P299

Saturday, September 27, 2014

Outernet is to give a free wifi access world wide will it affect the ISP provider in the Philippines?

Knowledge is still and indeed the most powerful amongst all other weapon anyone can have. And the internet has been considered the primary source of all sort of information, the most accessible source to almost all people on earth. The web is considered “The treasure and wealth of knowledge”. But it is not still possible to some because of the unavailability of cell site and those from the remote areas is still not benefitted to such technology or worst you cannot enjoy it for your budget is limited to some other needs  rather than such expenses. And it would be of help if you can have it for free and would be able to have access to it without restriction. This is what Outernet is aiming to give globally, a free access to the net for all of humanity.

The outernet is made possible by the Media Development Investment Fund, a United State non profitable organization, established in 1995 by Sasa Vucinic and Stuart Auerbach. The project aims to enable and strengthen independent media and   give access to information to its frontier market. Its primary goal is to give free access to contents from the web. These contents include international and local news, crop prices for farmers, teachers without borders, emergency communication such as disaster relief, also with application and content such as ubuntu, music, movies, games and Wikipedia.

This project is expecting to launch its miniature satellite known as Cubesats into low orbit by June 2015.This project also will provide unrestricted internet access to countries such as china and North Korea where information is censored and web access is with prohibitions.
 It is not a wi fi but an information broadcast service. But wifi enable devices can communicate to the satellite hotspots to receive data broadcast from satellites.

It’s a modern version of shortwave radio or a bitTorrent from space. Using datacasting technology, it involves sending data over a wide radio waves, which is believe to give a broadcast of the internet all over the world. A hardware is needed to receive the outernet signal.  A DVB-S Tuner, which is a portable tuner can be use to receive data from satellite dish. The tuner connects to the dish with a cable. And also Raspberry Pi, a small credit card size computer ,which can be use with a desktop, laptop or a television can also  be use to view the information downloaded by the outernet. The outernet will release info, reference design and plans that will enable user to make their own receivers.

The outernet will utilize a miniature satellite to receive from the web via a network of ground station which uplink the content. Using a technique called User Datagram Protocol multitasking, It enables to share data between user on a network and outernet will beam information to the user.  The data are broadcast in loops, those who have poor signal will be highly benefitted for it lessen their effort to continuously updating  the content. Much more like your receiving a television signal, you just have to flick through it and outernet will give you a broadcast of the internet and allows you to flick through several websites.

The outernet project is expecting to give the 40 percent individual on earth who is believe is not having access to the net a great opportunity to get free information and obtain knowledge from the web without any restrictions whether you are on the most remote place on earth or it’ll be that you can’t afford to pay for a bill to obtain internet connections will be highly benefitted and will be given the opportunity to get access to the information you need for free.
list of isp in the Philippines

Sure it is a good replacement for the now existing internet providers monopoly existing in the philippines. This will give a good competition to them to consider giving good quality of services compare to the now existing ones. And now it’s for free, then it is much more appreciated.

Friday, September 19, 2014

Tricks and Tips You Would Want to know from your Samsung Galaxy S5

samsung galaxy s5 main features
It is amazing that you can even track your heart rate and never to worry of your calories intake anymore by simply using your smart phones. This is made possible through your Samsung galaxy s5. This is just one of the amazing tips you would want to know from your Samsung galaxy s5.

It is just as simple as creating a profile, signing up and tying up to Samsung account with your data’s, such as your height, gender, age weight and general wellness will enable you to get access to their S health fitness. This is one of the fascinating features you would not want to miss. Your device can count the number of calories and can track your weight. If you are looking for a weight loses, you can make a food diary out of your camera by simply looking in their food data base for the caloric value of each ingredients or even the whole meal or it is also beneficial if you need to indulge for a high calorie meal.
And also with this feature you can determine how worn out you are for the day. It can calculate how stress you are thus giving you the choice to go or not beyond your limits. It can even track your sleeping pattern or even your maps running routes. Just enable the pedometer and simply adding a widget to your homescreen, you can determine how far you have gone through at a glance. It also helps you monitor your heart rate with this feature.
samsung galaxy s5 finger scanner

And never to worry of any one able to use your device anymore, your finger print scanner will protect your device from other user aside from you. You just need to switch it on by going to setting- personalisation- finger scanner and follow the given instructions.   Using both the thumb and index finger will let you unlock the phone from every angle but you can also use three fingers based on your preference.  And good thing is you can use your alternate password if the finger scanner sensor is not working.
ultra power saving mode

Never to be afraid of running out of battery for there are two ways to make your battery last longer, The Regular Power saving mode.  Will help it lower the speed of the clock and dim the screen, thus preventing the apps from using 3g or 4g making it more power efficient and will give you an extra hour of use. And the other one is the Ultra Power Saving which is very appropriate for a long weekend or trips abroad or even at festivals or at times you won’t be able to immediately charge your device when needed. The Ultra Power saving mode automatically switches the phone into greymode and limits the use of some apps. But you can still use the internet , facebook and twitter and can still phone and text your friends. Just go to setting power saving- power saving to enable the power saving mode, and setting-power saving- ultra power saving to enable ultra power saving.

 And sure you would not want to miss some other apps for you to enjoy. Simply Sign up for freebies to let you explore and enjoy all the benefits it can offer. You have to set up a Samsung account and once you are , just open the galaxy apps and log in, and swipe the left of the screen  for you to choice which to download from their exclusive features.   Some of this free bonus software are free Amazon kindle ebook,  endondo premiuns , Deezer music and some other exclusive offer you don’t want to missed. This is just some of the amazing things that will surely make you appreciate your device better.
And those who are not comfortable with sound whenever you tap your screen. You can turn off touch sound by simply going to Setting-Sound and untick the Touch Sound box.

Saturday, September 13, 2014

Odesk as one of my source of my weekly Income

It's very hard to find a job here in the Philippines especially if you are a fresh graduate . I graduated Bachelor of Science in computer science at a university in Vigan in 2009 . As one of the new college graduate , I belong to the list of underemployed here in the Philippines because I worked at a company that does not suit my skills. I do not like my job as a marketing assistant at a motorcycle dealer company so I quit my job . So I leave my town for Manila to apply for a job as a php programmer. I worked for a year with that company and moved three times to different companies for two years . I am very happy with my 18k monthly salary as an SEO specialist the last company that i worked but i have a friend who told me to try oDesk so I make my new account in odesk. As a beginner in oDesk , it's hard to find a job because the profile has no work history. So how do i become a successful freelancer in oDesk ?

Patient in applying for jobs - It took me over a month before I had a job in oDesk and my first job was ebay listing in a fixed price basis. Be patient in applying for jobs on oDesk, for five applications sent every day , you have big chance that you will have an invitation for interview.

Be smart in answering questions during the interview

Finding the right job at oDesk

Search for certain jobs that you know you can. Use the check boxes to select the oDesk job search according to your criteria. What i do is I looked at the profile of an employer on oDesk before I submit the application to them and i will first check if he has a good feedbacks from his/her employees.

Make a beautiful and simple application that can caught attention of the employer - no need for long application, simply enumerate your abilities, skills and answers to questions about the jobs you are applying.

Enhancement and completes your profile - Complete your profile , put a smiling picture in your profile , enter basic information such as schools where you graduate , put your work history , put a portfolio and try to take the test and pass them. Earn a good feedbacks in the past project on oDesk as a trusted and reliable contractor for the projects you handled.

Good communication with employers is essential to a successful freelancer - I always open my Skype as the primary tools that I use with my clients. All of my client 's concerns about the task that was given to me I immediately resolves it. When I started working , I always turned my skype on for my clients.

oDesk is not for those who have no patience, you have to be patient in finding a job , work hard and be a good freelancer to your clients and expand your knowledge and experience . I currently have four jobs , I had a full time job and three part time job . To those who want to apply for a job in odesk and want to make their full time job, don't lose hopes if your application always rejected, wait until you get invited for the interview.

Iphone 6 and Iphone 6 plus have been launched

Iphone 6 Plus
New iphones has been launch to the market .The iphone 6 and iphone6 plus has been introduced which would surely create another impact among the existing ones. Newest from Apple, the iphone 6 and iphone6 plus has offered the best and more improved version of their iphones, with all the newest and better specs. It will be release publicly this Sept.17

From A7 chips, Apple iphone 6 uses an iOS8 with A8 chips which enable one to have a more and better fast access to wide new applications which is build to maximize the consumer’s satisfaction and needs. Among are the siri natural language command and dictation which is activated simply by just saying hi siri. And it offers a lot of more other features would surely be love by most. It is made easy for you to answer messages for its new feature, the reply option would be made available even thought you are not going to close what you are doing the moment you receive the message. It also offers a faster access to your contacts by just double tapping the home icon giving you the option whether to call or chat. By just clicking the face shown will enable you to do either of these options.
iphone 6 and iphone 6 plus

Iphone 6 has a display of 4.7inches and iphone 6 plus is 5.5 inches respectively with 750x1334 pixels and with LED backlit IPS LCD for you to be able to enjoy your stuff with a good contrast for best viewing angles and a good color rendition to all the thing you really want doing most with its best quality and performance it can offer. It is also with Shatter proof glass protection which will make your device a free of scratch and drop resistant which makes it unbreakable and shockproof. This also is with a oleophobic coating.

In iphone 6 plus has this special feature displays zoom which gives you the choice whether to show more apps on your screen and zoom it larger. Also in iphone 6 plus is its landscape mode. It is more like an Ipad which has a landsape more for its homescreen. It is more productive with its some redesigned key applications.

Some other features of iphone 6 include the icloud keychain and icloud services help you locate where you exactly left your device, through its Send Last Location features, icloud can pinpoint where is the exact location of your device before you run out of battery .Thus leaving you without worries whether your device is sitting in your office or at your home. And the under pressure features which has a barometer that automatically tracks your elevation down. As of how many stairs you’ve been. And a more enhance keyboard , which the iphone6 offers,  a context-sensitive predictive typing  for which it can predict how you write , sensitive enough to determine whether it’s your friend or your boss your talking with and suggest and  provide a list of words that make texting  more faster and easier.

Iphone 6 camera offers a simultaneous HD video and image recording.   It has also an Audio video player and editor, Photo viewer and editor. Photos deleted can also be easily recovered and you can enjoy sending multiple photos at a time, by just tapping the keyboard camera icon, up to 20 recent photos will come up in your screen for you to choose from.  Iphone6 can also records slow motion footage. And its feature of Focus Pixels gives a better information and sharper image to your subject.
Available colors are  in Space gray,Silver and gold for  you to choose from. It also comes in 16GB, 64GB and 128GB with a 1GB RAM.

Wednesday, September 10, 2014

How to reset password in Windows 7

forgot your windows 7 password
Forgotten your window 7 password or perhaps you might just want to change your password for the simple reason of replacing the old ones, here are some easy steps for you to follow. It will take you just 30 to 60 minutes to do the procedures.   It applies to both 32 -bit and 64-bit version of window 7 computer .It is not that hard you just have to follow the instructions properly.

1. First you have to insert your Window 7 installation DVD or the system repair disc to your optical drive or to your flash drive, either of the two will work. Then restart your computer.
=Use a system repair disk in case you do not have any original window 7 media
=And if in case you don’t have available system repair disk yet to use, You can burn the  system repair disk with any window 7 computers.

2. Click Next option  with your language and keyboards  choices .
If this is what you will see in your screen or you can still see a typical window 7 logon screens, You have booted your computer from a disc or flask drive. Your computer has successfully booted from a hard drive if and when you can’t see any of this on your screen.

3. Next click the link: Repair your computer.  You won’t be able to see this link if you have booted your computer with a system repair disk instead of window 7 installations or a flask drive, You may just proceed to the next step instead.

4.  Wait till the window 7 installation is seen and located in your computer.

5.  If and when your widow 7 installation is found. Take a note of the letter that will appear on your Location column. Most of the window 7 installation shows letter D:
If isn’t then

6.  From the Operating system list, click window 7 then click the next button.

7.  Choose Command prompt from the system recovery option.

8.  With the Command Prompt now open. You must execute two commands
First:      Copy D:\windows\system32\utilman.exe  d:\
Second: Copy  D:\windows\system32\cmd.exe d:\windows\system32\utilman.exe.
 This must be executed with this order. An overwrite question will follow after execution.  It must be Answered  with YES. If the drive installed in your window 7 computer is not D: Be sure to change it all first to D: (Refer to Step 5)

9. Remove the flask drive or the disc then restart your computer.
In restarting your computer: Close the command prompt window and click restart. Or restart it using your computer’s restart button.

10. Click the little icon once the window 7 logon appears on the screen. The icon that looks like a pie with a square around it. It is found in the bottom left of your screen. Note that if your window 7 logon doesn’t show up. Your disc or flask drive isn’t remove And it might continue booting your computer not on your hard drive if you do not remove it.

11.  Now with the Command Prompt now open: Execute the net user command as shown replacing;
myusername- with whatever user name you desire.
mypassword- with whatever new password you want to use.
Net user Myusername  mypassword
Use double quotes when executing net user, when and if you are having spaces in your username.

12.  Next close the command Prompt window.
13. Try to log in with your new password.
14. Try to Create a window 7 password reset disk= A Microsoft –approved proactive step which will ensure you of not forgetting your password ever again. All you need is a blank flash drive or floppy disk.

15.  Though it is not required, It would probably wise to undo the hack in order for you to have an access  to the accessibility features from the window 7 login screen. Repeat 1 to 7 procedure to reverse the changes you made. When you have access to Command Prompt again, the following Command must be executed: Copy d:\utilman.exe d:\windows\system 32\utilman.exe
Note that in doing so No changes/ impact would be done on  your password. The password set in step 11 will still be valid.